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Recent anti-social behaviour

The Cathedral is calling a multi agency meeting to discuss problems of anti social behaviour in and around Cathedral Green.

Problems of vandalism – including damage to the historic fabric of the Cathedral – and incidences where police have had to be called out to deal with violent and threatening behaviour have escalated in recent weeks.

The Dean of Exeter Cathedral, Very Rev Jonathan Greener, said: “The Cathedral Green needs to be a safe and welcoming place for everyone and sadly this has not been the case in recent weeks, as we’ve experienced an escalation in anti social behaviour by a small minority of people. We know the Green is beloved by the people of Exeter and we want to ensure that everyone can use it, especially in this glorious weather.

“We want to work with the police and other agencies and local businesses and charities, including St Petrock’s which does such valuable work with the homeless, to ensure that it is safe for all.

“As an interim measure, the Cathedral has been forced from this weekend to employ extra security to patrol the Green in the day and overnight to enforce the bylaws which govern use of the Green. We very much hope this will be a temporary measure.”

The Cathedral’s night café, which offers food for the homeless community one night a week, will also be temporarily suspended for two weeks in August following some recent issues with behaviour. It is hoped the two week suspension will allow time to set new boundaries around expectations of behaviour at the café.

The meeting is scheduled for 8 August and local businesses around the Green are to be invited to attend.