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Prayer for the Week 26 November – 3 December

God, our refuge and strength, bring near the day when wars shall cease and poverty and pain shall end, that earth may know the peace of heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Blessings over all of my future grandchildren, I decree long, healthy, sound, whole, wise, happy, protected and saved lives for each and every one of them, for the Lord to protect them all & keep the evil one away from them in all shapes and forms and sizes, always, for them never to be abused, nor sick, nor traumatized, nor harm, nor lead astray, in any way, shape or form, for their parents to be good & Godly and peaceful towards them, never burdened by them, and treat them as the gifts they are, & for their parents to be kind towards each other, too, & set good Godly examples for them, for blessings over all of their lives, minds, bodies, souls, health & happiness, including their parents, too, praying me and my husband, and all of their parents, get to see them all grow up & grow old, & blessed, happy, healthy, whole, protected, saved & for them and their future families to walk in the Kingdom of God, always, I pray all curses broken, all sins are at foot of the Cross, I trust in God that they are of sound minds and bodies and souls, and full and whole, and complete in all of their ways, in all of their lives, and May they be long, healthy & happy, by the Grace of God, deliver them and all of us, from evil and lead us not into temptation, in Jesus Powerful Name, we pray, Amen. Thank You Jesus Lord Messiah! HALLELUJAH!!!


Id like prayer for restoration and healing between my husband and his father. For the chains of lies that his father believes to be broken; but if this is not Gods will; then I ask you God to heal and comfort my husbands hurt and broken heart, that he may be healed by knowing even deeper his identity and worth in you, his true father who can do all things. You have already told me you would not give him a stone, so I trust in you for your provision and have committed him into your strong but gentle hands LORD so you can have your way. From my spirit to Your spirit, I thank and praise your HOLY name. Amen 🙏


I pray for my marriage, I pray that my husband Mitch has the heart of Christ for me and just in general, I pray that he has the love of Christ and walks in the kingdom of God, as well as I and our family, please lift up my marriage for blessings and protection and strengthening, and that all of our health is good, pray for my husband’s faithfulness and that he looks at me the way Jesus looks at the church, and that I look at him the way the church should look at Jesus, lots of healing here as I’m very bitter, he’s a good person but sometimes I feel like he treats me like a man treats a man, instead of how a man treats a woman, help me Lord do things right as well , pray for healing in Jesus Name, Amen.

Prayer for the Week 19 – 26 November 2023

God of glory, touch our lips with the fire of your Spirit, that we with all creation may rejoice to sing your praise; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Dear lord, Please keep all who are struggling safe, well and loved.


To my beautiful Kate I hope you’re somewhere amazing, having better days and being loved like you should be. I miss you every second of every day, know that I talk to you still, I hope you can hear me and I always look for you next to me. You’ll always be my everything, love you always mum

To give him strength and peace. Thank you for your care over the last year while I recover from a stroke. You said to me you promised in sickness and in health bless you xxx


Please make everyone safe and happy.

Prayer for the Week 12 – 19 November 2023

God of Holiness, your glory is proclaimed in every age: as we rejoice in the faith of your saints, inspire us to follow their example with boldness and joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


In the scheme of things that is happening in our world today, my plea seems weak and selfish. For many years, I have wanted to live in Devon by the sea. It has been so difficult up to now to get going, but I have felt so on my own to make the right decisions. I would like to add my message to your prayer wall because in God’s house, God will see my prayer and help me to be strong and not frightened of life. Thankyou.


Please God I am leaving a Pryor for my mum dad and brother and sister as they are all gone to your home now and they also served with the forces so it’s a good time to leave a thought to them and all other service men and women my thoughts are with all at this time James AMEN 🙏 🙌 👏 ❤️
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