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Exeter Cathedral has been at the heart of Devon for nearly a thousand years, but it now needs urgent investment. It needs funding for critical conservation work, as well as improvements to the building’s functionality and visitor experience. Investment to ensure that this historic and cultural treasure remains open to inspire visitors from around the world, and serve the whole community of Devon, for generations to come.

We receive no regular funding from the Government for our work, and the Church of England does not contribute to the upkeep of our buildings. So your donation really does make a difference in ensuring the that the many and varied aspects of Exeter Cathedral’s life and ministry continue.

Parish Giving Scheme

Exeter Cathedral has joined the Parish Giving Scheme. Supported by the Church of England, this is an easy and effective way for you to give regularly to the work of your Cathedral.

The Parish Giving Scheme is a 21st century solution to allow effective and efficient Direct Debit giving to Exeter Cathedral.

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