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Join Us: Supporting the 2020s Development Appeal

Exeter Cathedral is part of our cultural and national identity. Although we care for treasures that are of national and international significance we recognise that Exeter Cathedral is largely unheralded on the national stage; a hidden gem. We welcome people of all faiths and none through our doors, we want to encourage more people to explore, enjoy and benefit from all we have to offer.

To do this we need to secure major investment to properly care for our medieval heritage, conservation work that has been patiently ‘waiting it’s moment’ for decades past; to improve our connectivity around the Cloisters so as to be fit for visitors in the 21st century and to highlight the wonders of the Cathedral. If we succeed, we will pass Exeter Cathedral on to the next generation in better order and in good heart. A national gem that is no longer hidden.

We hope you will share our vision and will help us to achieve these aims. Your help will make a difference and will leave a lasting legacy to the those that come after us.

Email us to find out how you can support the Exeter Cathedral 2020s Development Appeal >

Thank you.