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With Us

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Exeter Cathedral. Every day, all sorts of people give a few hours of their time to support us in a surprisingly wide variety of ways. If you live in Devon, Exeter Cathedral is your Cathedral. So why not get involved, and become part of our amazing story today?

The Very Reverend Jonathan Greener
Dean of Exeter

If you’re interested in joining our amazing team of volunteers, please complete an application form or email our Volunteers Team for more information. 

Volunteer Roles


At Exeter Cathedral, we take pride in our welcome to visitors. As one of Europe’s great cathedrals, we attract people from around the world who come to experience for themselves the medieval architecture and rooftop views, and to learn more about our fascinating history. Whether you are telling our story as a Guide, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their visit as a Steward, or engaging younger visitors as a Youth Volunteer, this is an opportunity to meet new people every day.

Visitors volunteer roles:

  •  Guide
  • Steward
  •  Youth Volunteer


Our iconic architecture, huge space and central location makes us a top venue for concerts, exhibitions and other events. We host everything from organ recitals and chamber music, to folk and rock concerts, immersive theatre, silent discos, art installations and much more. As an Event Volunteer, you can experience world class performances while welcoming new audiences to Exeter Cathedral.

Events volunteer roles:

  •  Event Volunteer


Worship Christian worship and prayer underpins life at Exeter Cathedral. We hold daily services – beginning with Morning Prayer and often closing with Choral Evensong – as well as being home to several Sunday congregations and special services. Volunteers are essential for maintaining worship at the Cathedral, with opportunities including Virger, Altar Server, Eucharistic Assistant, Sidesperson and supporters for Cloister Club, our worship group for children.

Worship volunteer roles:

  • Volunteer Virger
  • Altar Server
  • Eucharistic Assistant
  • Sidesperson
  • Cloister Club Assistant

Music & Bells

Exeter Cathedral Choir leads around eight services each week during term time, and our young Choristers rely on the care and commitment of volunteer Chaperones, to accompany them to and from Exeter Cathedral School. In recent years, our music has been enriched by St Peter’s Singers of Exeter Cathedral – a voluntary chamber choir for adults. We also have a group of experienced bell ringers, The Cathedral Society of Ringers, who meet regularly to ring our historic bells.

Music & Bells volunteer roles:

  • Choir Chaperone
  •  St Peter’s Singers
  •  Bell Ringer

Heritage & Engagement

The Heritage & Engagement team is committed to making Exeter Cathedral’s unique library, archive and learning resources accessible for everyone. This includes an innovative new community outreach programme which is specially designed to engage young people with their local heritage. Whatever your age, if you are interested in history, literature, culture, community or education, Heritage & Engagement has a volunteering opportunity to suit.

Heritage & Engagement volunteer roles:

  • Library & Archives Volunteer
  • Learning & Outreach Volunteer
  • Collections Volunteer
  • Photography Volunteer

Flowers & Craft

Taking care of Exeter Cathedral’s beautiful floral displays, our talented Flower Arrangers bring a range of skills, an appreciation of the setting, and a willingness to work as a team. Our Company of Tapisers is made up of three groups: the Textile Group, who stitch vestments and banners; the Canvas Group, making tapestry cushions and kneelers; and the Whitework Group, making and maintaining white altar linen.

Flowers & Craft volunteer roles:

  • Flower Arrangers
  • Tapisers

Shop & Support

The Ten Fifty Shop is an integral part of the Exeter Cathedral visitor experience, serving both the local community and tourists from further afield. As a Volunteer Shop Assistant you will help to fund essential heritage conservation work and other projects to ensure Exeter Cathedral can still be here for future generations. We also need support behind the scenes, including Technician Volunteers and Admin Volunteers. If you are able to help, we would love to hear from you!

Shop & Support volunteer roles:

  • Volunteer Shop Assistant
  • Technician Volunteer
  • Admin Volunteer

When you volunteer at Exeter Cathedral, you become a valued member of the Cathedral Community, meet new people every day, learn new skills, and give your professional or academic profile a boost. You will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • A free hot drink plus 25% discount on cakes, biscuits and pastries from our Ten Fifty Café
  • Free tickets for Cathedral-organised events*
  • Free entry into Exeter Cathedral for yourself and accompanying family and friends
  • Free parking*
  • Exclusive organised tours to other attractions

* Limited places. Subject to availability.