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The Company
of Tapisers

The Company of Tapisers has worked tirelessly since 1933 creating stitched items for the glory of God and the beautification of Exeter Cathedral. The Company started at the invitation of Dean Walter Matthews in 1932. Initially, he wanted a carpet made for the Lady Chapel and, under the supervision of the Archdeacon’s wife this was so successful that he felt the ladies could do more!  The group expanded and went on to make, not only carpets, but vestments, collection bags, kneelers, cushions, banners, labels for all the tombs – and even ropes. The Dean’s chief stipulation was that the group should be a ‘Company’ in the medieval sense that all the Tapisers should work anonymously for the purpose of enhancing the worship within the Cathedral.

Today, there are three groups: the Textile Group who stitch vestments and banners; the Canvas Group who make tapestry cushions and kneelers; and the Whitework Group who make and maintain the white altar linen.

If you would like to find out more about joining The Company of Tapisers, we would love to hear from you. We recommend an initial visit to meet us and see for yourself the work we do.