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In Conversation With… Olabisi Obamakin

In Conversation With… Olabisi Obamakin

Sunday 11 February, 6:30pm at Exeter Cathedral. Refreshments served from 6pm.

Join Olabisi Obamakin, a New Testament scholar who reflects on her own hybrid British-Nigerian heritage, for an In Conversation With… at Exeter Cathedral.
Using her own story and her analysis of novels written by women of similar backgrounds, Olabisi asks: how they might challenge common ways of reading gospel stories: do they suggest that a “normal” or “obvious” reading is only normal or obvious to those in a particular place and time? In what ways might British-Nigerian voices resonate powerfully with the stories of women from first century Palestine?

About the speaker
Olabisi Obamakin is a New Testament scholar and Postdoctoral Research Associate currently working in the Common Awards Team at Durham University. She is working on a 3-year project entitled ‘Diversifying the Common Awards Curriculum’ funded by the Church of England.

All are welcome to attend.