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Missing Pieces: Recycling the Libraries of the Past

Annual Library Lecture

Missing Pieces: Recycling the Libraries of the Past

Thursday 23 November at 7pm

Fragments of medieval manuscripts are often found between the covers of early printed books and codices. For centuries, bookbinders used old pieces of parchment to strengthen and protect new books. Today, these precious pieces may be all that remain of thousands of manuscript books from the libraries of the past.

Our 2023 Annual Library Lecture will discover stories behind the manuscript fragments held at Exeter Cathedral Library. Join us as we consider to what extent we can use these remnants of the past to reconstruct the medieval and early modern libraries where remarkable manuscripts were held, used and ultimately recycled.

Fran Alvarez Lopez is an expert in Medieval Manuscript Studies. He has worked on Anglo-Saxon bilingual manuscripts, the scribes of the Exon Domesday and the Exeter Fragments Project. He is currently a researcher at the Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) as part of the project People and Writing: People, Script and Ideas in the Iberian Peninsula (c. 900-1200).

Adults: £10
Students and under 18s: £5