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Library & Archives In Focus: Travel Literature

Library & Archives In Focus: Travel Literature

Thursday 20 June, drop-in between 11am–1pm in the Library & Archives reading room

Discover some fascinating travel literature from the Exeter Cathedral library.

Come fly with us as we set out from John Ray’s Europe, travelling to Jean de Thévenot’s Turkey, Persia and the East Indies, onwards to John Ogilby’s China and Japan, circling back to Thomas Herbert’s Africa and ending in Jean de Lery’s Brazil – with several stops along the way!

JOHN RAY: 1663–1666
John Ray was the most travelled British naturalist of the 1600s. His travels covered most of the British Isles and continued through Europe.

Jean De Thevenot was a French traveller and natural scientist who travelled in the Levant and Egypt from 1655–1659, before setting off to the Middle East, Persia and India in 1663.

John Ogilby was a British mapmaker and publisher who produced a series of atlases of China, Japan, Africa, Asia and America during the 1600s.

Jean De Léry was a member of a Protestant mission to an island in the Bay of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to establish a colony, France Antarctique.

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