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Behind The Scenes – The Jubilee Pavement

Behind The Scenes – The Jubilee Pavement

Tuesday 2 April at 11am
Wednesday 3 April at 11am
Wednesday 3 April at 2pm

Join Cathedral Archaeologist, John Allan, and Architect, Camilla Finlay, for a unique behind the scenes tour of the Quire to learn about the fascinating history that led to the creation of the new Jubilee Pavement.

The original builders of the 14th century sought to create a Quire where every surface was richly decorated. They laid a beautiful floor of inlaid medieval tiles, but this was lost long ago, being replaced by a Georgian pavement, replaced in turn by G.G. Scott’s magnificent recreation of a grand medieval floor in the 1870s. This too suffered damage and was replaced by a plain stone floor in 1963.

Our ambitious 2020s Development Appeal Project aims to make sure that we are here for generations to come and welcoming to all. A more efficient underfloor heating system is being installed along with a new Jubilee Pavement tile design inspired by the Scott’s original designs. The new pavement uses rare Devonian marbles which were also a beautiful feature of Scott’s Victorian pavement.

This behind the scenes tour offers a unique opportunity to see the magnificent new Jubilee Pavement, learn about the beautiful polished Devonian limestones we have used to achieve it, and hear the story of the earlier pavements.

Adults: £20

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