Music Foundation Trust

For over 30 years, the Music Foundation Trust has provided critical financial support to sustain Exeter Cathedral’s musical tradition. It funds choral outreach work, robes and sheet music, maintenance of the Cathedral organs, as well as scholarships for choristers, choral scholars, organ scholars and much more.


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that had I not been a Chorister at Exeter Cathedral, I would not be singing on the operatic stage around the world at the highest level possible.

David Webb, Exeter Cathedral Chorister 1992-97

Why do we need the Music Foundation Trust?

Music is the lifeblood of Exeter Cathedral. It has been for hundreds of years. Our choir and music team enrich daily worship and special occasions in Devon, and their concert performances bring joy to audiences around the world.

Our musical life brings incalculable benefits to the young lives of our choristers and scholars too. Time and again, it has changed the trajectory of lives in ways that could never have been imagined. It teaches life skills and values such as teamwork, trust and responsibility, and provides world-class performance opportunities which will be remembered for a lifetime.

At Exeter Cathedral, we want to continue to build a community of choristers and musical scholars that offers opportunity to all, regardless of race, gender or social background.

I always felt there was somewhere that I could go, somewhere that was a ‘home’. It made every day exciting whether we were working towards recordings or performing in international venues in America and Europe.


The Music Foundation Trust is vital to Exeter Cathedral’s music. Simply put, without financial support from the Music Foundation Trust, there would be no music at Exeter Cathedral.

Recently, the Trust has met around half of the annual cost of maintaining the Cathedral’s music and musicians.

This year, following the coronavirus lockdown, Exeter Cathedral is facing particularly significant financial challenges. So without the support of the Music Foundation Trust, our world class music tradition would be even more at risk.

I hope that I can impart even a small part of my chorister experience at Exeter Cathedral to inspire the next generation of musicians and present them with singing opportunities which they will also remember for a lifetime

How you can help

  • Purchase tickets and programmes for organ recitals and concerts
  • Become a Patron of Music at Exeter Cathedral
  • Sponsor an anthem or a Cathedral concert
  • Contribute to the cost of commissioning new music for the Cathedral Choir.
  • Sponsor an organ scholarship or choral scholarship
  • Consider leaving a legacy or making a donation.

Photo: Emma Solley

Giving to the Music Foundation Trust

A donation to the Music Foundation Trust is not just a donation for present, but an investment in our musical future. Exeter Cathedral choristers are highly sought after. They take their music with them, and share it with those around them for many years after their time here, many as professional musicians.

Leave a gift in your will

Please email [email protected] for more information about supporting the work of the Exeter Cathedral Music Foundation Trust with a gift in your will.

The Exeter Cathedral Music Foundation Trust is a Registered Charity (No. 297365)

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