Guiding Star Exhibition

We challenged students in schools and colleges across Devon to create a ‘Guiding Star’ sculpture. Our entrants let their imaginations run wild and, as a result, we have beautiful sculptures of all shapes and sizes on display in Exeter Cathedral until Wednesday 5 January. Entrance is free, so why not drop by and admire the […]

Angels of Hope

  By Deborah Custance-Baker, Before lockdown, Exeter Cathedral were planning to host the Guinness Attempt of the Longest Line of Knitted Bunting, but due to the pandemic this was not possible. Instead, Devon County Show are now patiently waiting for Guinness to confirm the record. However, Exeter Cathedral has now asked if we would think […]

Light of Hope at Exeter Cathedral

On All Saints Day an installation called Light of Hope by Sculptor Peter Walker will light up the sky outside Exeter Cathedral. Along with other Cathedrals and Churches around the country, Exeter Cathedral have been invited to cast beams of light into the sky to become beacons for all around. “Light of Hope is an […]

Library & Archives Show and Tell: The Foundation Charter on Display

(focus on Edward’s name ‘EADVVEARDUS REX’) For one day only… and in celebration of the Feast of Edward the Confessor, Founder of Exeter Cathedral. The Cathedral’s original Foundation Charter is being put on display for one day only on Tuesday, 13th October, the Feast of Edward the Confessor. Exeter Cathedral was founded in 1050 by […]

Library & Archives Show and Tell: ‘Rosa Medicinae’ on Display

Rosa Medicinae (Rose of Medicine), a wonderfully detailed look at diseases and medicine written in 1313. One of the greatest medieval English physicians, John of Gaddesden, wrote his most famous book, Rosa Medicinae (Rose of Medicine) in 1313. He is even mentioned by Geoffrey Chaucer in the Canterbury Tales. For one day only… Usually kept […]

The Leaves of the Trees: Art Installation by Peter Walker

Reflective Coronavirus Memorial Comes to Exeter Cathedral   Exeter Cathedral is the first host of a nationally touring art installation, designed to provide people with an opportunity to personally reflect on the coronavirus pandemic. ‘The Leaves of the Trees’ installation, which will be at the Cathedral from 3 – 24 September, will be visiting towns […]

The Exon Domesday on Display

The Exon Domesday is a unique surviving draft of William the Conqueror’s famous Domesday survey of 1086. It has been at Exeter Cathedral since at least the 14th century. Covering the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset, this 1,000-page document gives an extraordinary insight into life – and taxes – in Norman England. […]

The Exeter Book on Display

  The Exeter Book of Anglo Saxon poetry is one of the oldest surviving examples of English literature, recognised by UNESCO as one of Britain’s primary cultural artefacts. Usually kept in Exeter Cathedral Library & Archives, the original 10th century manuscript is being brought into the magnificent surroundings of the Cathedral for public display, for […]

Cathedral Vestments and Stitch Work Exhibition

For over 85 years The Company of Tapisers has worked behind the scenes to create vestments, stitched altar linen and canvas work for the Cathedral, to complement worship and beautify the building. This new exhibition is a unique opportunity to see at close quarters the exquisite handiwork of this talented group of volunteers. Much of […]

Love Means Love: the Bible and Same-Sex Relationships

Love Means Love: the Bible and Same-Sex Relationships with Revd David Runcorn on Zoom Love Means Love is the title of David’s latest book and Holy Ground this evening launches its publication. The case for accepting and blessing same-sex relationships from the bible is a cumulative one. It is not based on any one text […]