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Prayers for Ukraine

By Canon Cate Edmonds

A Conversation Café has been set up to support displaced Ukrainian people coming to Devon and their host families. Partner organisations include Devon for Ukraine, Exeter Communities Alliance, Exeter City Council. The Café is in the former shop at 6 Paris Street. For now, it is a venue for related conversations, and is a very positive space. If you are passing, please do pop in you will be assured of a warm welcome. At the moment we believe it is open from 10am -4pm but further updates will appear soon.

There is a donation box for Ukraine in the Nave of Exeter Cathedral and a votive candle stand in the Quire, prayers are available at both places.

If you are hosting a Ukrainian family there is an introductory 3 week course to the Ukrainian language starting in May run by the University of Exeter. More information and an online donation page can be found on the Diocesan Website.