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Prayer Update: 3 April 2020

By Canon Chris Palmer and Canon Ian Morter

People have described this lockdown time as ‘sabbath time’ or ‘desert time’ – that is time of stillness for special connection with God. The aloneness can deepen into solitude.

To this end, take extra time for contemplative prayer at present. There are lots of resources on the cathedral website here: 

Let me highlight one, the Examen. This is a simple way of reviewing your day with God, noticing what been life-giving and what’s been soul-destroying in our day. Have a read on the link above – and consider taking 15 minutes each day to build this into your pattern

We’re keeping our prayer lists for the sick and those who have died up to date. For those who wish it, we will also include these names in the Newsletter, so people can pray for them at home. Please email [email protected] – stating whether the person in question or their next of kin if it is someone deceased wishes them to be on the publicised list.

This week:

Those who are sick or in need: Steven; John Thompson; Lilian Lovell; David Rippon; Pat Webster; Rosemary Joy; Ilya; Baby Logan; Yve Taylor; Joan Winstone; Sam Rylands, stranded in the Solomon Islands with Melanesian Mission, and his parents Mark and Mandy

Rest in peace: Philippa Robert Harwood-Stamper

Please pray for those recently bereaved: Lynne, Robert and Melanie Harwood-Stamper