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New Exeter Cathedral books commissioned

Exeter Cathedral is delighted to announce that Scala Arts and Heritage Publishers has been selected to produce two new books about the Cathedral which will be published together in the Spring of 2020. Scala specialise in the production of books for museums, galleries, libraries, heritage organisations, cathedrals and other religious sites.

Architectural historian Jonathan Foyle is a great admirer of Exeter Cathedral and is looking forward to adding new insights to a compelling narrative history of the building and its symbolic arts in his new book. This will be a further edition in his series of highly acclaimed books for Scala interpreting Canterbury, Lincoln, Lichfield, and Peterborough cathedrals. Commenting on the news, he said:

“Exeter Cathedral is very special. It is unique in England for the silhouette of its twin towers, while nothing in Europe compares with its long internal perspective of branching vaults. A closer look reveals a wealth of meaning that its cosmopolitan builders invested in sculpture, carving and colour.

“This book, the first illustrated narrative of the cathedral, will explain how the building evolved and what it’s trying to tell us.”

Diane Walker, who leads the cathedral’s guide training programme, has agreed to write a new guide book to the cathedral. She will also be working with Jonathan on research for his book. She said:

“It is a privilege to be involved in this exciting project. I’m looking forward to sharing many special aspects of our beautiful cathedral with readers of the new guidebook. However, summarising the glories of this special place will be a real challenge.”

New photographs of the cathedral are being commissioned for these two publications.