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Join the Exeter Cathedral Players

For many years ‘The Players’ staged theatre of different kinds at Exeter Cathedral. This included The Vigil by Fodor, Ring Round the Moon by Anhouil, adapted by Christopher Fry; there was Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral and several original works, among them Simeon’s Quest. Then, with the advent of the pandemic and the lamented passing of director, Elisabeth Miller, things ground to a halt.

Following the success of the renewed Exeter Nativity (or Pantivity as it is now known) a revival of ‘The Players’ seems opportune. With the support of the Dean and Chapter, James Stevenson (Herod in the Nativity) and David Gunn-Johnson (Narrator of the same) are holding several preparation sessions, first to establish a membership and then in June, auditions for Twelfth Night to be staged in the Autumn.

Dates so far:
12 and 26 April, 7:30pm-9pm:  Startup sessions with scenes from the play in the Cathedral. Entry via the North Porch.

7 and 14 June: Full reading of the play and auditions. The play will be staged in either October or November depending on the Cathedral diary and will run for at least three performances – possibly four.

If you are interested, please contact James or David or simply turn up on the 12 and/or 26 April.