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Deanery Synod: A Note from the Dean of Exeter

Deanery Synod: a Note from the Dean of Exeter

You may have noticed that we have recently been running elections for the Exeter Deanery Synod, known officially as Christianity Deanery Synod. Following a number of discussions, it has become clear that a number of people did not receive the necessary information, and more still didn’t realise what the Deanery Synod is all about. And since we had in fact received no nominations by the closing date, we have decided that in order to be completely transparent in our processes, we shall re-run this election.  

In case you’re wondering what a Deanery Synod is, it acts as an intermediary between the parochial church councils of each parish in its deanery and the Diocesan Synod. It consists of all the licensed clergy within a deanery, plus elected lay members: we have to elect three people. The Deanery Synod meets to discuss matters of mutual concern, sometimes to respond to issues at the request of the diocese or national church, and, importantly, every three years to elect the deanery’s lay representatives to our Diocesan Synod, and every five years our diocesan members of the House of Laity in the General Synod. It is very important for us to find three people who will turn up to meetings (only two or three a year) and fairly represent the cathedral’s views on subjects in all their diversity. This is a crucial way of keeping in touch with the wider diocese, and with our brother and sister Christians here in Exeter.  

Although as the cathedral we are not bound by the Church of England election rules for these purposes, we are running late, so have set a tight deadline for this election.

If you are interested in standing for election to the Deanery Synod, please ensure your nomination is returned by 31 July. We shall then run an election if necessary, and declare the result two weeks later on Sunday 12 August.

To ensure we comply with all due procedures, here are the official details of what you need to know and do:

To qualify for election, and to propose or second a candidate for Deanery Synod, you must be on the Cathedral Community Roll and must not be on the Electoral Roll of any other parish. This indicates that you wish to use your synodical voting rights at the Cathedral.

A form of nomination for election to the Deanery Synod is available from the Cathedral Office or from the the Community Table in the Cathedral on Sunday morning. You will see that it requires a proposer, a seconder and the written confirmation of the candidate that they are willing to stand for election.  

Nomination forms must be received by the Returning Officer at The Cathedral Office, 1 The Cloisters, Exeter EX1 1HS not later than 12 noon on Monday 31 July 2023.  Those who stand for election are asked to give a statement about themselves of no more than 100 words and to enclose a passport sized photograph. The statement and photograph must also arrive by the above deadline.  

If an election is necessary it is hoped to send out voting papers on 1 August 2023, with a deadline for voting of Wednesday 9 August.  In the event of an election, it will be by secret ballot.  Catherine Escott is the Returning Officer.

Data Protection

Please note that the information provided on the nomination form, together with any attached statement and photograph, will be held by Exeter Cathedral for the duration of the election process, and for the successful candidates until the end of their term as Lay Representative to the Christianity Deanery Synod.  The data will be held on a secure computer system, and will be destroyed at the end of the election process or at the end of the elected term.

The details provided will only be used by Exeter Cathedral, and will never be swapped, shared or sold to a third party.  If you have any questions, please email us or write to The Data Office, Exeter Cathedral, 1 The Cloisters, Exeter EX1 1HS.  Our privacy policy gives more details of how we protect and use information. This can be viewed here – or ask us to provide you with a copy.  

Jonathan Greener
Dean of Exeter