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Angels of Hope


By Deborah Custance-Baker,

Before lockdown, Exeter Cathedral were planning to host the Guinness Attempt of the Longest Line of Knitted Bunting, but due to the pandemic this was not possible. Instead, Devon County Show are now patiently waiting for Guinness to confirm the record. 

However, Exeter Cathedral has now asked if we would think about knitting for Christmas 2020, to decorate at least one of their Christmas trees with “Angels of Hope.” 

These are easy to knit and quick to become compulsive!


What you will need:

Some wool (in any yarn or colour)

Knitting needles between size 10 – 8 (3.25mm – 4mm)

Darning needle (like a big sewing needle)

Small amount of stuffing (a cotton wool ball for the head, perhaps)

Feel free to adapt the pattern if you want by using different colours/types of wool, making a larger angel, or adding features to personalise them.


Angel’s Body:

Cast on 48 sts (stocking stitches)

1. Knit row

2. Purl row

3. K2TOG, K10*, repeat until end

4. Purl row

5. Knit row

6. P2TOG, P9*, repeat until end

7. Knit row

8. Purl row

9. K2TOG, K8*, repeat until end

10. Purl row

11. Knit row

12. P2TOG, P7*, repeat until end

13. Knit row

14. Purl row

15. K2TOG, K6*, repeat until end

16. Purl row

17. Knit row

18. P2TOG, P5*, repeat until end

19. Knit row

20. Purl row

21. K2TOG, K4*, repeat until end 20 sts

22. Purl row

23. Knit row

24. Purl row

25. Knit row

26. Purl row

27. Knit row

At this point, you can change your colour to create the face if you want.

28. Purl row

29. Knit row

30. Purl row

31. Knit row

32. Purl row

33. Knit row

34. Purl row

35. K2TOG repeat until end

36. Purl row

37. Knit row

38. P2TOG repeat until end

Using a darning needle, thread the end of the yarn through the stitches and tighten to create the top of the head. Turn the angel inside out and sew up the head and the body. Around the neck, take a small amount of stuffing and place at the top of the head, then thread some yarn between stitches and pull loosely together.


Angel’s Wings:

Cast on 27 sts

1. Knit row

2. Knit row

3. Decrease at each end (Knit)

4. Knit row

5. Knit 12 rows, decrease at each end cast off


When complete, please send them, together with your name and contact details, to me at:

Hayne House
EX5 4HE 

Deborah Custance-Baker
01392 861750