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A Week of Work Experience at Exeter Cathedral by Lucy

A Week of Work Experience at Exeter Cathedral
by Lucy

I chose Exeter Cathedral for my year 10 Work Experience week as I wanted to gain experience within a historical setting, which, in my opinion, I think this Cathedral is very beneficial for. Exeter Cathedral is one of the main Cathedrals within the country, with it being nearly 1000 years since it’s founding by the first Bishop of Exeter. However, the building has been standing since 114AD, when the Cathedral was initially built in the Romanesque (Norman) style.

In the future I am hoping to focus on having a career within history, so for me the week is incredibly beneficial. For me, one of the fascinating things in this holy place of worship is the peaceful nature of the building. For example, the sound of birds throughout the building, or the bosses hidden away on the ceiling; there are more than 400 bosses, carvings and variety of Gothic imagery.

Over the course of this week of my Work Experience, I have encompassed new and exciting experiences within the Cathedral workplace, some which I may have been unaware of previously. These include; people working on the current and upcoming projects, Cathedral Librarian and Archivist, Youth Engagement Officer, Education manager, and the Marketing Team.

On my first day I had a self guided tour of the Cathedral and then in the afternoon I learnt about the current projects happening at the Cathedral, which was fascinating. On my next two days, I was at the Library and Archives; I had a tour of the archives, which was absolutely wonderful, seeing the only surviving draft of the Domes Day book from 1066, during William the Conqueror reign, and Bishop Leofric’s oath when he was made the first Bishop of Exeter. I then learnt how to preserve books for the future, as that is one of the main roles at the Library and Archives; the other being sharing this preserved history with people of today and the future. I then had another day in the archives, today I read some Anglo Saxon poetry and some 16th century handwriting, which personally I found incredible. On my penultimate day of Work Experience I had a morning learning at the role of a Youth Engagement Office was, a job I didn’t know existed, but now I realise the vital importance of this job. In the afternoon I had a experience with the Education Manager. On my final day of Work Experience I had a day with the Marketing Team, which I found very interesting. All of the jobs offered engaging opportunities which I found very interesting, personally I found the Cathedral Archivist the job that I’m the most likely to see myself doing in my future.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this week and hope I can volunteer here in the future.