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Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market Trader Applications

Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market Trader Applications 

To apply to trade at this year’s Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market, please complete and submit the form below.

The deadline for applications is Thursday 11 July 2024. You will be informed if your application is successful by Friday 26 July 2024. 

All profits made from the Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market will be used to help conserve and improve Exeter Cathedral for generations to come.

Christmas Market Applications

If no, this year we are offering shorter term rentals for Retail, Alcohol and Fresh Food Chalets which we would advise for if you haven't attended the market before.

Please note that no shorter term rentals are available for Catering Chalets. We have a limited number of pitches available for either 17th November 5pm - 2nd December 9pm or 3rd December 9am - 17th December 5pm

All sharers must submit individual application forms with all the relevant supporting documents and samples.

Please select the category your merchandise best fits into; if you intend to sell a range of products from the categories above, please state how they will be divided over the various categories (e.g. accessories 50%, jewellery 30% and clothing 20%):

Product description and chalet display

Please give as much information as possible in this section as this information will be used in our selection process and will reduce the possibility of duplications (attach additional pages and pictures where applicable).

If you do not declare a product you intend to sell at the market you will not be permitted to do so when you arrive on site. No exceptions!

All traders must supply:

  • A detailed description of what they wish to sell - please include all items
  • Photographs of their products and their stand at a previous event or at ECCM
  • Two samples of their products. Please note that we are only able to return samples if adequate return postage stamps and packaging are provided.

Thinking Green

When considering this application we will evaluate it based on sustainability. Please detail how your business considers the environment. Give us much detail as possible.

Website Trader List

If your application is successful we will add you to our list of traders on our website. We therefore require a brief description of the products you will be selling at the Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market. Please keep this to a maximum of 20 words.

Chalet Size and Type

What sort of chalet do you require? Please give order of preference. Please refer to the 'Exhibitor Information Pack' for dimensions and specification.


A supply of electricity is included in the chalet rental and is allocated based on size of chalet and product sold.

Retail, Fresh Food and Alcohol
• Small Chalets: - 8 Amps
• Large Chalets: - 16 Amps

Small Chalets can increase their power supply from 8 Amps to 16 Amps for £180 + vat for the duration of the market.

• Small Catering Chalet: - 16 Amps
• Large Catering Chalet: - 16 Amps

Catering Chalets can increase their power supply from 16 Amps to 32 Amps for £290 + vat for the duration of the market.

Catering Chalets can increase their power supply from 16 Amps to 64 Amps for £530 +vat for the duration of the market.


Chalet payment is by BACS only, other payment methods may incur additional charges.

Payment by BACS: By submitting this application form you agree to adhere to our payment schedule, point 6, in the Exhibitor Agreement. Failure to adhere to this may result in re-allocation of your chalet, please see details in our Terms and Conditions.


I/we certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information supplied on the Application Form is true and accurate.

I/We have read the Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market 2024 Terms and Conditions and General Information Document and agree, and undertake to comply, with all terms and conditions therein. In submitting this application form I/we indemnify Exeter Cathedral Enterprises Ltd, The Dean and Chapter of Exeter Cathedral and their staff against any claims, payments, costs or losses resulting from any failure on my/our part to comply with the said Terms and Conditions.

I/We understand that this indemnity also covers any exhibitors I/we may wish to share my chalet with (subject to Exeter Cathedral Enterprises Ltd approval).

I/We give permission for my/our exhibitor contact details to be stored on an electronic storage and retrieval system which will be created for the exclusive use of those involved in the organisation of the Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market. It will not be used by any third party without prior consent.

I/We give permission for my/our exhibitor contact details and product description, as indicated above, to be published on the Exeter Cathedral website and in the Christmas Guide.

I/We undertake to take out public liability insurance to the value of £5million, and to ensure that exhibitors sharing our chalet will do the same. I/We agree that copies of this documentation will be
submitted in advance of the event.

I/We agree to pay the instalments as they fall due and understand that the chalet may be reallocated if payments are not made by the due date.

Product samples should be sent to: 

The Christmas Market Team
Exeter Cathedral
1 The Cloisters