Holy Ground: Is Religion Compatible with Social Progress?

DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION FOR THIS TALK Sunday 12 July, 7pm Is Religion Compatible with Social Progress? with Professor Grace Davie on Zoom What do we assume about the future of religion?  And do our assumptions depend on which part of the world we live in?  This talk draws on a recent research project to examine […]

Love Means Love: the Bible and Same-Sex Relationships

Love Means Love: the Bible and Same-Sex Relationships with Revd David Runcorn on Zoom Love Means Love is the title of David’s latest book and Holy Ground this evening launches its publication. The case for accepting and blessing same-sex relationships from the bible is a cumulative one. It is not based on any one text […]

Holy Ground: The Desert in the City

with Revd Catherine Duce We’re delighted that Holy Ground will be going ahead on Facebook Video and Zoom. Catherine’s talk is available on Facebook Video here. On the evening, we invite you to join us on Zoom for a 40 minute service, including hearing the talk together, then, after a break to make a coffee, […]

Holy Ground: The Currency of Love: Two Sides of the Same Coin

with Mother Katharine Hall SSC We seem to discover the face of love in unexpected places. What does living in L’Arche, a community welcoming people with learning disabilities, and living in a contemplative religious community reveal to me about the language and action of Love in our world today? Mother Katharine encountered the L’Arche community […]

Holy Ground: Holocaust Memorial Day – two weeks early

The Very Revd Jonathan Greener, Dean of Exeter, considers Christian responses to the Holocaust ‘then and now’. Given appalling stories of Christian collusion in genocide during the Second World War, how would we be different if this were happening in our context today? About the speaker Jonathan has been Dean of Exeter since 2017. In […]

Holy Ground: God and Grenfell

How faith communities responded to the trauma and tragedy of the fire at Grenfell With Revd Dr Mike Long Local churches were at the frontline of offering practical and pastoral support in the aftermath of the Grenfell Fire. Tonight we hear the story from someone who was in the forefront of this ministry, and reflect […]

Holy Ground: Has religion played a role in the European Integration Project?

With Professor Piers Ludlow Amidst our new saturated coverage of Europe, Brexit, and the European Union, Piers Ludlow invites us to consider what doesn’t hit the headlines: the silent but important role that religion has had in European integration. Piers Ludlow is professor of international history at the London School of Economics.  He is an […]

Holy Ground: Video-Game Spirituality

With Andy Robertson Andy invites us to soar over the clouds as we gather in a video game for October’s Holy Ground. We’ll take each other’s hands and explore a new world in the ancient Cathedral that encourages us to meditate, support each other and journey together. Open to all, with no gaming experience necessary, […]

Holy Ground: Climate Emergency: Protesting for Change

With Professor Tim Gorringe and Jess Nicholls Climate scientists tell us that our climate faces an emergency. It is changing at an unprecedented rate, due to human activity – and this change presents a danger to the future of humanity and our planet. High profile campaigns including School Strikes and Extinction Rebellion seek to make […]