Under the Moon: Lunar Treasures from the Cathedral Library

Under the Moon: Lunar Treasures from the Cathedral Library 15 & 24 February: 1pm-3pm | 17 & 22 February: 10:30am-12:30pm In 1609, the astronomer Galileo (1564–1642) ignited fascination with the Moon when he surveyed the night sky with a telescope and produced the first accurate drawings of the Moon’s surface. In the decades that followed, scientists […]

Growing in Faith Series – Magnificat Today

Magnificat Today: Counter-cultural living in communion with the saints Canon Chris Palmer invites you to engage in an evening to explore how Mary’s song of praise and protest inspires our living and discipleship. Chris prepared this material for teaching for South West Ministerial Training Scheme, and is delighted to offer it to the cathedral community […]

Growing in Faith Series – Little Advent Programme

Little Advent Programme As part of our preparation for Christmas, we shall look at each in turn of the four Sunday gospels prescribed for us this year during the Advent season. To help with this, beginning in the week before Advent and continuing through each of the three following weeks, the Cathedral will post online […]

Growing in Faith Series – Rule of Life

Rule of Life: Give of our time, energy, skills, and resources in service of one another and the world. One of our regular six-monthly gathering for those committed to the cathedral’s Rule of Life. Revd Phil Wales, our curate, leads us in exploring how we embed generous living in our daily living, the third point […]

Library & Archives Show and Tell: The Foundation Charter on Display

(focus on Edward’s name ‘EADVVEARDUS REX’) For one day only… and in celebration of the Feast of Edward the Confessor, Founder of Exeter Cathedral. The Cathedral’s original Foundation Charter is being put on display for one day only on Tuesday, 13th October, the Feast of Edward the Confessor. Exeter Cathedral was founded in 1050 by […]

Library & Archives Show and Tell: ‘Rosa Medicinae’ on Display

Rosa Medicinae (Rose of Medicine), a wonderfully detailed look at diseases and medicine written in 1313. One of the greatest medieval English physicians, John of Gaddesden, wrote his most famous book, Rosa Medicinae (Rose of Medicine) in 1313. He is even mentioned by Geoffrey Chaucer in the Canterbury Tales. For one day only… Usually kept […]

The Exon Domesday on Display

The Exon Domesday is a unique surviving draft of William the Conqueror’s famous Domesday survey of 1086. It has been at Exeter Cathedral since at least the 14th century. Covering the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset, this 1,000-page document gives an extraordinary insight into life – and taxes – in Norman England. […]

The Exeter Book on Display

  The Exeter Book of Anglo Saxon poetry is one of the oldest surviving examples of English literature, recognised by UNESCO as one of Britain’s primary cultural artefacts. Usually kept in Exeter Cathedral Library & Archives, the original 10th century manuscript is being brought into the magnificent surroundings of the Cathedral for public display, for […]