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Youth-Led Climate Activist Group Speaking At Exeter Cathedral

Jess Nicholls, who is part of Fridays For Future: Exeter, a youth-led climate activist group, will be speaking at the next Holy Ground meeting at Exeter Cathedral on Sunday 8th September 2019 at 19:00.

According to climate scientists, our climate faces an emergency.  It is changing at an unprecedented rate, due to human activity – and this change presents a danger to the future of humanity and our planet. High profile campaigns including School Strikes and Extinction Rebellion seek to make the environment a priority of our social and political agenda.

Exeter Cathedral Canon, Chris Palmer, says “On Sunday 8th September, Holy Ground will explore the role of protest in campaigning for environmental justice. We are delighted to welcome two speakers; Jess Nicholls and Tim Gorringe to tell us of their experiences.”

“Holy Ground is a chance for those from all Christian traditions to explore their ideas and beliefs in the open and generous setting of Exeter Cathedral, as well as being a place for all those who are simply curious about Christianity and about God, irrespective of background or tradition.  All are welcome at Holy Ground, which takes place on the second Sunday of every month at the Cathedral, and is a mixture of creativity and contemplation.”