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This Old Bench

By Canon Cate Edmonds

Pause a while on this old bench,

What sounds can you hear, what smells greet your nose?

Being here in nature is so close to God,

A prayer in itself just to sit and to be, 

Golden buttercups shine to the glory of God, red campions sway in the gentle breeze,

Nettles and brambles entwine around each other in simple spiked companionship,

Bluebells are fading as their job is done, ringing in early summer with glee,

Cow parsley just opening, raising head in salute,

And foxgloves appearing from their winter sleep,

Dock and ivy a wonderful green,

Look as if polished by someone unseen,

So many colours that scream the great beauty of God’s creation.

Then listen, what are those sounds?

A blackbird no doubt trilling a song so loud,

And others are heard,

A robin or two and a jay and some tits,

And the chiff chaff to name but a few.

Oh, how beautiful this is, just to sit on a bench

To enjoy what is around and give thanks.

It is a prayer in itself just to be here and rest,

And to be open to God, that’s really the best.