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Mr Pike’s Piano

By Jill Taylor

At the 25th Anniversary celebration of the formation of the girl choristers in November, the Dean announced that Gordon Pike had kindly agreed to lead the appeal for a very much needed new piano (the old one has been on loan to us for many years and the owner wanted it returned).

Over the intervening months Gordon has taken his duties very seriously and encouraged a huge number of you to kindly contribute. I spotted him after the Business Carols doing his very best encouraging, no doubt many of you have also seen Gordon in action. I said to him that he has excellent talents as a fundraiser; talents for which we are extremely grateful.

Thank you to all of you who have noted how much Gordon has contributed to our Cathedral over the years and sent in donations directly to the development office too, all are appreciated. We promised that we would acknowledge everyone publicly and to this end have purchased a very fine red leather bound book to record everyone’s name, which in due course will live in our archives for posterity. In due course, we hope to also record donors who contribute to other facets of our development appeal as it unfolds in the coming months and years.

There is a bit of snag with working from home, in that we are not quite so connected with other colleagues in other teams. So to make sure we haven’t inadvertently missed your name off the donors list please let me know if your name is not included here as a donor. And indeed, if we have typed your name incorrectly please do get in touch as we want to get it right for the first page in our new book!

As you may know, the piano is now with us and will be dedicated in due course. If anyone else wishes to contribute, the fund is still open, as there are wheels still to purchase (to make it easy to move around). Any surplus that may ultimately arise will be saved and put towards tuning and maintenance costs to keep the new piano in tip top order.

Thanks once again to all of you, and huge thanks to Gordon – I am sure we can all agree he is a complete star!


List of Donors to the 25th Anniversary ‘Mr Pike Piano’ Fund:

Mr Gordon Pike
J Van Mars Foundation
Mr John Ashton Thomas
Mrs Veronica Chambers
Miss Caroline Witts
Viscount Amory Charitable Trust
Mr Robert Shrimpton
Mr Lucian Nethsingha
Mr Jonathan Harris
Mrs Rosemary Bethell
Mr Peter Moore
Mrs Mary Moore
Miss Penelope Hunt
Mr Geoffrey Mitchell
Mrs Rosemary Joy
Mrs Heather Morgan
Mr Julian Sutton
Mr David Robertson
Mrs Gwen Bennie
Mrs Margaret Craigie-Smith
Mrs Liz Williams
Mr Mark Perry
Mr Philip Hobbs
Mrs Ann Dainty
Mrs Margaret Williams
Mr Nicholas Pedlar
Mrs Lorna Daxter
Mrs Maureen Norman
Mrs Celia Gwynne
Mrs Jackie Horton
Mr Andrew Yeomans
Mr and Mrs Andrew Martin
Mr Niall Blackie
Mrs Sheila Swarbrick
Mr Chris Tipping
Ms Heather Eva
Mr Richard Croft
Mr Gerald Sturtridge
Dr Adrian Rogers
Mrs Marie-Therese Crowle
Mr Andrew Millington
Dr John and Elizabeth Searle
Miss Eileen Pratt
Rev Elsie Howell
Mrs Christine Braithwaite
Mrs Shirley Vallance
Mr Owen Bennett
Mr Adrian Frances
Mrs Margaret Graham
Mrs Pamela Carter-Baker
Mr Paul Evans
Mrs I Howard
Ms Vivienne Luxton
Mr Andrew Herniman
Miss Diane Coombes
Mr David Copp
Mrs Marysia Bartlett
Mrs Helcia Follis
Mr Nigel Taylor
Mr John Whitton
The Right Revd Richard Hawkins
Mr John and Sheila Stirling
Mr Christopher Gower
Mrs Kathleen Dodd
Mr Philip Wales
Mr and Mrs Geoffrey and Pamela Poad
Mr and Mrs David and Penny Conway
Mrs Ann Mosley
Mr A J Hutchinson
Mrs Sarah Kellagher
Mrs Christine Widnall
Mrs June Ivory
Mr Alan Bennett
Miss Judy Robins
Mrs Pat Purchese
Rev Caroline Luff
Mr Stephen Pryor
Mrs Marian Gilpin
Mrs Janet Sandy
Mrs Priscilla Walford