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Live streaming for Holy Week

Live streaming for Holy Week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm, followed by a short act of worship, led by the Canon Precentor

Life is changing very quickly at present, and so therefore are our plans for Holy Week and Easter. We are very sorry that we have had to postpone our preacher, Bishop Jack Nicholls, but it was of course impossible for him to come to Exeter. We have therefore decided that on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the Dean will livestream three addresses from the Deanery Chapel about Sainte Therese of Lisieux – someone for whom he has long-standing affection, rekindled by a recent visit to our sister diocese of Bayeux-Lisieux. You will be able to tune into the addresses through our Facebook page.


Monday: Sainte Therese: her life
Tuesday: Sainte Therese: her suffering
Wednesday: Sainte Therese: her prayer

Plans for the rest of the week are still under preparation