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A New Sound and Light Show for a New Year at Exeter Cathedral

A New Sound and Light Show for a New Year at Exeter Cathedral

Next month, Exeter Cathedral will become the first tour venue to host a spectacular new sound and light show, following its launch at the Tower of London in November.

Titled Crown and Coronation, the art installation, which aims to bring to life the spectacle of the Crown Jewels and Coronations, has been created by the charity Historic Royal Palaces, in partnership with Luxmuralis – an artistic collaboration led by director Peter Walker and composer David Harper.

Crown and Coronation will be at Exeter Cathedral from Tuesday 9 to Saturday 13 January, before touring around the UK throughout 2024 and 2025. The show will project imagery spanning several centuries onto the interior walls and ceilings of the cathedral, accompanied by curated soundscapes from composer David Harper, encouraging visitors to experience and explore at their own pace.

Following the Coronation of King Charles III earlier this year, the creators of Crown and Coronation say the show will provide a spectacular opportunity to experience the beauty of the Crown Jewels in a new way.

Charles Farris, Public Historian for the History of the Monarchy at Historic Royal Palaces said:

Crown and Coronation will immerse visitors to Exeter Cathedral in the rich history of the British monarchy, Coronations, and the Crown Jewels.”

Peter Walker, Artistic Director at Luxmuralis, added:

“This spectacular light show will transform some of the UK’s most remarkable buildings into an articulating and evolving display of historic images.”

The Very Reverend Jonathan Greener, Dean of Exeter, is thrilled that Exeter Cathedral has been chosen as the first tour venue for the unique experience:

Crown and Coronation is an exciting opportunity to draw new visitors into the cathedral. We are always delighted to host Luxmuralis shows and this one is particularly special given Exeter Cathedral’s numerous associations with the British Monarchy. We were honoured in 2020 when King Charles, as the then Prince of Wales, became patron of our Development Appeal. We hope that visitors will be as excited and impressed with this spectacular sound and light show as we are!”

Crown and Coronation is at Exeter Cathedral from 9 to13 January. Advance tickets can be purchased from the Exeter Cathedral website and cost £8 for adults, £4 for children (ages 4-16), or £20 for a family of four.

Photo: Luxmuralis / Historic Royal Palaces / The Metropolitan Museum of Art