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How you can help

We are passionate about conserving, preserving and sharing the rich heritage of Exeter Cathedral. We are also committed to continuing the tradition of the highest quality choral music that is at the heart of Cathedral worship.

But we cannot do any of this without your help.

We receive no funding from the Government for our work and the Church of England does not contribute to the upkeep of our buildings. Therefore, your donation really does make a difference in ensuring the that the many and varied aspects of the Cathedral’s life and ministry continue.

Here’s how your kindness could make a difference

  • A gift of £10 could pay for a child to discover and be inspired by the Cathedral during an interactive schools’ visit or activity club
  • By giving £30 you could help train a volunteer guide who welcomes thousands of visitors every year and shares some of the fascinating stories that the Cathedral holds
  • A kind donation of £50 could help to fund the incredible work of the Cathedral’s Library and accredited Archive who look after many treasures including the Exeter Book (one of the foundation documents of English Literature) and Exon Domesday (the earliest manuscript of William the Conqueror’s Domesday survey)
  • If you gave a gift of £100 it could purchase tools and materials to equip our team of highly skilled and talented stonemasons repairing and safeguarding the building for future generations
  • A generous gift of £500 would help fund an entire day of glorious Cathedral choral music (with at least three and sometimes as many as six services each and every day of the year that’s a lot of music!)

Please note – the amounts and items listed above are provided to give you an indication of the costs involved in our varied work. When you give, please be assured that your gift will be used where these is greatest need and know that it will make a real difference. Thank you.