Holy Ground: The Currency of Love: Two Sides of the Same Coin

with Mother Katharine Hall SSC

We seem to discover the face of love in unexpected places. What does living in L’Arche, a community welcoming people with learning disabilities, and living in a contemplative religious community reveal to me about the language and action of Love in our world today?

Mother Katharine encountered the L’Arche community in South London on leaving university and spent the next 28 years making home with people with learning difficulties in London and India. Her heart was shaped by the love she received in these communities. For four years on returning from India she lived in Exeter and studied at the university. In 2014 Katharine journeyed to South Wales to join The Society of the Sacred Cross, an Anglican contemplative community. She writes: ”I had known the community for 29 years and stayed often to recharge the batteries of my heart. I always felt that the two communities were complementary, necessary to one another: two sides of the same coin.” In 2019 Katharine made her final profession and was elected Reverend Mother soon after. “We are a small and fragile community just as many of my brothers and sisters in L’Arche were fragile and insignificant in the eyes of the world. Yet it is in this vulnerability that God speaks to the depths of my heart.”