The First Eucharist of Easter at Dawn

Sunday 1st April 2018 at 6:00

Jesus’ was raised, from indications in the Gospel, in the very early morning. Piero deal Francesca’s painting of the Resurrection shows the guards beneath Jesus’ catafalque fast asleep, not noticing this momentous and eternal event.

One of the images of the Resurrection, indeed, is of the cock crowing at dawn. So, for us to celebrate the Resurrection by rising very early, coming to the West Front of Exeter Cathedral for the Lighting of the New Fire, the Procession of the Paschal Candle, the singing of the Exultet [the glorious proclamation of the mystery of the Resurrection] and the first Eucharist of Easter, will be, I assure you, a delight and hugely invigorating.

Easter Breakfast

What, perhaps, will make the Liturgy at that time even more attractive is that is will be followed by a cooked breakfast!

For the cooked breakfast, which will be in the Cathedral Café, we ask for a donation towards its preparation.

If you are interested in attending, it is important to know numbers for breakfast, which would help those who have kindly volunteered to prepare, cook and serve the breakfast. Please email Tom Salmon in the Liturgy and Music department (or telephone 01392 436747) if you would like breakfast following the Dawn Eucharist.

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