The Bible Course Tour

Friday 13th July 2018 at 19:30

Join comedian Paul Kerensa and The Bible Course creator, Dr Andrew Ollerton, for a night of laughter and learning, as the big story of the Bible is unfolded in The Greatest Story Ever Toured.

Yes, that’s right, The Bible Course is on tour. Bringing the tour bus, with cast and musicians in tow, we’ll be heading to a venue near you! It’s a Goliath of a show as Paul and Andrew explain how key events, books and characters fit together and, like Samson, it’s sure to bring the house down.

About the show

We can’t promise to turn water into wine, but there will be free liquid refreshments and you’ll get to see the big story while discovering how the Bible applies to your life. Whether you’re a doubting Thomas, with a little Bible knowledge, or a theologian, with the wisdom of Solomon, you’ll come away knowing more about the drama of Scripture – the greatest story ever told.

Come on your own, two by two, or bring a dozen friends – and exercise your brain cells, your funny bone and your vocal chords all in one fantastic night!

More information

Doors open at 19.00, and the event will end at 22.00. Tickets £6.

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