Summer of Family Activities

Friday 9th July 2021 - Friday 3rd September 2021

We have a fun-packed series of family activities lined up this summer at Exeter Cathedral. From archaeological investigations to sleepovers, from drop in craft sessions to trails and quizzes.

Advance booking is essential for ticketed events. Bookings can be made through our website or by telephone (details below).

We try to encourage children to work independently at our workshops, unless stated otherwise. Sometimes adults prefer to stay for 10 minutes to see that children are settled before venturing to our café or into town. We will get you to sign a permission / safety form when leaving children for sessions. Covid-19 safety will be a priority.

Read on to find out more about ticketed and drop in events.

Cathedral Crafter Session: Wednesday 28 July & Tuesday 31 August
Drop into the Cathedral and see what crafts we have for you to try. All ages. £1- £3 per craft.
Free admission with resident’s card or children are free with a paying adult.
Dragon Kites, Unicorn Sticks, Badge Making, Saxon brooches and more!
10.30 – 12.30. Cathedral Nave – Drop in event.

Tudor Time Travel Workshop: Friday 30 July & Thursday 12 August
Meet by the Welcome Desk at the front of the cathedral, then step back in time with us as we walk the 5 mins to St Nicholas Priory and become the child of a wealthy Tudor Merchant for the morning. We will don a classy period cloak as we take a tour of the building – Do you know what the garde robe is? We will stop in different rooms to experience games, costumes and crafts of this time in history. We will walk you back to the Cathedral where you can re-join your folk in modern time. 6yrs +
£8.00 per place, 10.30 – 12.30. Booking necessary. 15 places.

Awesome Archaeology: Monday 2 August
Do you know what an archaeologist does? Come and be an archaeologist for the morning and find out what treasures have been uncovered in recent important digs around the cathedral. With the right tools at the ready, take part in a mock-dig, then become super sleuth as your findings will give you clues to how people lived in the past. Bones, teeth, coins, pottery…what will you find? What can you learn about cultures from looking at poo? Did it belong to an Egyptian, Tudor or a Viking? Come along and get stuck in!
£8.00 per child, 10.30 – 12.30. Booking necessary. 12 places.

Basic Needle Felting: Wednesday 4 August
Try something new this summer – have a go at needle felting. We will show you how to make a basic flat shape, design and make a bookmark, then move onto the more challenging 3d shaping and create a mini owl or penguin friend. This is a great workshop for an adult and child to work independently but alongside each other, and learn a new craft together. As we are working with needles, a certain amount of resilience and caution is needed, therefore we do not recommend this workshop for children under the age of 8. Age 8 +. All materials supplied.
£8.00 per person (both adults and children), 10.30 – 12.30. Booking necessary. 12 places

Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek: Tuesday 10 August
Have you ever wondered what an Archivist does? Ever wanted to see what treasures we have in our library? Maybe you didn’t even know we have one! Well, in this small bespoke session we will show you the beauty of books, old, new, huge, tiny, some with medieval graffiti and others with beautiful art work. We will show you some treasures, quiz you over the use of a snake weight and what materials have been used to write on over the years, then make a mini-book to take home and create your own piece of history. This is a fantastic workshop to get young and old together to enthuse about the glory of books and artefacts. Bring your grandparent and learn together.
£8.00 per person (both adults and children), 10.30 – 12.30. Age 7+ recommended. Booking necessary. 12 places.

Night in the Cathedral: Tuesday 10 August
Join us at a time when Exeter Cathedral is usually closed. See how it looks and feels of an evening. Sadly it won’t be dark, but it will be full of historical atmosphere and treasures to discover. A great family treat – we have themed trails, medieval dress-up, crafts and tails to tell. Met a character from the cathedrals past who will show you some treasures to delight you. We will end with a cosy corner story of intrigue and fright, along with hot chocolate and marshmallows to warm you before you whisk away home into the night.

Children must have an accompanying adult at this event. 6.30-9pm. £8.00 each person (both adults and children). Booking necessary. 20 places.

Tie Dye Workshop: Friday 13 August
Learn a few different tie dye techniques from stripes, to swirls to star bursts. Bring your own t-shirt to create a bespoke design – you can purchase one from us for £2.00 on the day, we have 2 sizes to choose from. We will also make a flag for your garden, bedroom or castle!
£8.00 per child, 10.30–12.30. 6yrs+. 12 places.

Willow Dragonflies: Thursday 19 August
Learn how to bend and shape willow withies and create an amazing sculpture to take home. We will make a dragon fly and decorate with a chance to make a willow wand or star stick too. All resources provided. This is a great workshop for an adult and child to work on a joint project together. 6yrs +
£8.00 per child (adult can work with child on project), 10.30 – 12.30. Booking necessary. 12 places.

Urban Forest School, Den Building: Thurs 26 August (12 places available)

Join us for an adventure whatever the weather, in the large walled garden of the Diocese. 10.30 – 13.00 £10 per session. Learn the different ways of den making with the variety of materials available, the get creative on your secret hideout. This is a child only session where children will learn earn safe ways to use equipment, make outdoor crafts, play games then toast marshmallows with a hot chocolate around the campfire to finish. All sessions are adult free; leave your child to have fun with us whilst you explore Exeter. Meet at the Welcome Desk at the front of the Cathedral. Suitable for ages 6 and above
£9.50 per child. Please arrive 10 mins early to fill in a consent form.

Mini Models and Castle Walls: Friday 27 August
In this fun session you can explore and try out our great selection of medieval models that give an idea of how cathedrals and castles were build hundreds of years ago. We will set you the challenge of building a sturdy wall with our faux bricks and we will make mini-catapults and modern aeroplanes to breach the walls. £8.00 per place child, 10.30 – 12.30, 6yrs + Booking necessary. 12 places.

Cathedral Crafter Session: Tuesday 31 August
10.30 – 12.30 Cathedral Nave (see 28th July) Drop in.

Mini-Door Hunters Quiz Trail
All summer long you can pick up a Mini-Door Hunters Quiz Trail for £2.50 from the Welcome Desk. Purchase a Mini-Door Trail Map & Question Sheet and follow the circuit around the cathedral. When you have completed the trail, stop by the Cathedral Shop to check your answers and pick up a plastic free prize. All ages.

We also have a FREE Sculpture Quiz that you can try from June – August.
There will be some fun questions for you to answer about the Summer Exhibition ‘Density and Lightness’- see what you can find out about sculptors and their art as you go. Recommended for 11+yrs

Fun for children, families and the young at heart. Go on, drop by this summer!

To book please follow the link below or call 01392 285983.

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