Ringing Chamber Roof Tour

Saturday 20th October 2018 - Sunday 18th November 2018

This is a very special tour which takes you into the roof void high above the Nave, through the spaces in the North Tower and onto the roof to enjoy the best views of Exeter (and beyond).

The tour finishes with a very rare opportunity to spend time with members of the Cathedral Society of Bellringers who will be in action in the ringing chamber in the South Tower.

Dates for 2018

16 June 2018 at 16.00
17 June 2018 at 13.00
20 October 2018 at 16.00
21 October 2018 at 13.00
18 November 2018 at 13.00

Ticket information

£20 per person, available from 01392 285983 (Monday to Friday) or book online.

Terms and conditions

The minimum age for any person visiting the roof space is 8. Children aged 8–15yrs must be accompanied by an adult on a 1 to 1 basis. If you have a heart complaint or breathing difficulties or have a phobia or dislike associated with confined spaces, darkness, height or flying birds, this may not be for you. Bags may not be taken into the roof and there is nowhere to leave bags in the building.The tour could last up to two hours. Bear this in mind when planning an onward journey or paying for your parking; there are no toilet facilities in the roof. Wear suitable clothes and flat-heeled shoes – you will not be allowed into the Roof space if you are wearing flip-flops, sandals or shoes which the guide deems unsuitable. The Guide has final decision as to whether or not to allow you on the tour.Hard hats are provided and must be worn.There are hundreds of old, narrow and winding steps and it is dusty in places. Access to the top of the North tower may be affected by adverse weather conditions and/or essential maintenance works

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