One Psalm, many Voices: Jewish and Christian readings of Psalm 8, talk by The Revd Canon Prof Sue Gillingham

Sunday 17th February 2019 at 17:00

The Psalms were read and sung by Jews long before Christians started to read and sing them too.  Christians have often taken a very different interpretation, and Psalm 8 is no exception. For Jews it is essentially a hymn about God as Creator and for Christians it is also a prophecy about Christ as Saviour.  Sue Gillingham is constantly intrigued how throughout the centuries one psalm can have so many voices,  and she hopes to share this intrigue with those who come to hear her after Evensong on Sunday 17 February.

About the speaker

Revd Professor Susan Gillingham is an expert in the Hebrew Scriptures and particularly the Psalms and their reception history, has been lecturer in Theology at Worcester College, Oxford for many years, and in November 2018 was installed as Canon Theologian of Exeter Cathedral.

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