Liturgy for Palm Sunday

Sunday 25th March 2018 at 9:45

This service is preceded by a short liturgy and procession from St Pancras’ Church (in the Guildhall Shopping Centre) at 09.45.

A poem for Palm Sunday

Christ crucified at daybreak,
a week too early, unshaven,
in soiled clothes, with grimace
of bewilderment on his skinny face,
surrounded by soldiers
in half-buttoned uniforms,
nailed to the wood in haste.
The exaltations of the Week called off,
murky Wednesday and the hatred of Friday.
they discounted the retreat
and the mystical ascent
of adolescent boys, we’ve lost our chance for
the seven ascetic days, there’s no time
for penance, new feasts are forthcoming,
full of the unknown triumphs of fire.

Adam Zagajewski (b.1945)

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