Holy Ground: Video-Game Spirituality

Sunday 13th October 2019 at 19:00

With Andy Robertson

Andy invites us to soar over the clouds as we gather in a video game for October’s Holy Ground. We’ll take each other’s hands and explore a new world in the ancient Cathedral that encourages us to meditate, support each other and journey together. Open to all, with no gaming experience necessary, simply touch the screen and partake in a different kind of banquet for the soul.

Andy Robertson is a national journalist and broadcaster who has curated digital meditation, interactive worship and video game services in many contexts. He explored the intersection between technology, meaning and spirituality in his TEDx talk that led to previous Holy Ground services incorporating games. His upcoming book, Taming Gaming https://unbound.com/books/taming-gaming, is a fresh perspective on what video games have to offer different parts of life.

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