Holy Ground: 'The Church That Changed'

Sunday 10th March 2019 at 19:00

Speaker: Revd Nick Bundock

On September 24th 2018 St James and Emmanuel in Didsbury was hailed as ‘The Church that Changed’ in a story that was trending on Twitter.  Four years previously the same platform had denounced them as a church that had contributed to the death of a gay teenager.  The intervening years have been ones of self-reflection, repentance and radical change as they, a broadly evangelical church, work out what it means to be fully inclusive.  At the centre of this change has been a very special person, Lizzie Lowe.

About the speaker

Nick has been serving the parish of St James and Emmanuel, Didsbury, in the Diocese of Manchester, since 2005.  He was previously a molecular biologist and has some nerdy hobbies that include online gaming and all things computing.  He has a Cardigan Welsh Corgi called Jethro, two teenage children and a very patient wife.

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