Groups for Lent and Beyond: ‘The Mystery of God’

Thursday 7th March 2019 - Sunday 14th April 2019

With Sue Gunn-Johnson
Thursdays at 11.00am in the Sacristy
(access from the South Choir Aisle, or from the West Wing Ground floor entrance, where there is a lift)

This Lent course delves more deeply into the mystery of God, seeking to rediscover what it is that draws us so deeply in our search for God. We will follow Jesus through the Lenten readings, allowing him to draw us, in love and wonder, into the mystery of God’s plan of salvation. This course, from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, was developed in response to people’s desire for ‘a Church that is more concerned with the mystery that is God than with its own success’.

Over six weeks, from 7th March to 14th April, we will investigate:

  • the mystery of Life and Death
  • the mystery of Good and Evil
  • the mystery of God’s glory
  • the mystery of Sin, Suffering, and Hope
  • the mystery of Relationship and Reconciliation
  • the mystery of Love and Sacrifice
  • the mystery of Joy and Salvation

After each group, members who wish to do so are invited to go together for lunch in the Cathedral Café, where a table will be reserved. But you are welcome to join the group without staying for lunch.

It would help us to know who intends to be part of this group. Sign up via this link or add your name and contact details to the lists available in the South Transept after Sunday services.

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