Big LEGO Build


The Big LEGO® Build is an exciting project to help members of the project discover and engage with the challenges of maintaining the ‘fabric’ (buildings) at Exeter Cathedral. Thanks to donations from people like you, we have already made progress towards building a 300,000 piece model of the Cathedral from LEGO bricks.

Money raised from the project will help us preserve and conserve the Cathedral and buildings around its precincts for future generations. The final model will be an impressive 3.6m long, 2m wide and over 1m high and everyone is invited to get involved:

How can I get involved?

Come and say hello

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 our dedicated team of volunteers haven’t yet returned to active Cathedral life, we are hoping to bring them back shortly however. Visitors can nonetheless still come and see the model. If you’d like to make a donation, there is a donation box available for you to use. Alternatively, please speak to a member of our entry desk team.

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