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Welcome to Exeter Cathedral’s new Virtual Books experience, powered by Turning the Pages and made possible by VISTA AR.


Exeter Cathedral has been collecting books for its Library and documents for its Archives since it was founded in 1050. There are tens of thousands of items in the collections, covering over 1,000 years of history.

The VISTA AR project is now using digital technology to bring to life aspects of the Cathedral in new ways. We’d love you to try our newly installed Library & Archives digital kiosk screens inside the Cathedral.

Below you’ll find links to five of our favourite books and documents, specially selected for you to enjoy online.

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The Exeter Book of Anglo Saxon Poetry

The most famous book in the Library. A unique anthology of poetry written in Old English in c.970AD. It is the oldest book in the Cathedral Library.





The Exon Domesday

The south west of England’s draft of William I’s famous Domesday Survey of 1086.






Andreas Vesalius ‘De humani corporis fabrica…’ (1555)

One of the most famous Renaissance books on anatomy.






G.L. ‘A Compleat Abstract of the Holy Bible…done into verse for the help of weak memories, and instruction of children’ (c.1715)

One of the smallest of all the Bibles in the Library, written in rhyming verse.






Mr Hart’s Famous Scrapbook

One of the most charming documents in the Archives, it is filled with cartoons and character sketches collected by the Cathedral’s head virger in the 1950s.







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