Cathedral Community Roll

The Cathedral Community Roll (CCR) is a record of those who worship and work regularly at the Cathedral, whether paid or as a volunteer. It is a legal requirement for the Cathedral to have a Community Roll.



It is important that the CCR is up to date because:

  • The Roll is a formal and visible sign of belonging to the Cathedral and being part of its life as congregation, employees, and volunteers
  • It ensures that people who need to have information, invitations and other communications, will do so.
  • For certain legal purposes e.g. the number of representatives we elect to the Deanery Synod, the numbers on the CCR need to be accurate


Who can be on the CCR?

You can be on the CCR if you are over 16 and either:

  • Worship regularly in the Cathedral, or
  • Are engaged in work or services connected with the Cathedral in a regular capacity, or
  • Are a parent of choristers and/or pupils at Exeter Cathedral School

You CAN be on the CCR and on the Electoral Roll of a parish. The only exception to this is if you choose to vote in Synod elections at the Cathedral, in which case you can only be on the CCR. This will usually apply to those for whom the Cathedral is their only or main place of worship.


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