Holy Ground


What Happens at Holy Ground?

The Gathering : We gather in the main Cathedral at 7 PM on the second Sunday of each month will be join together  in an act of contemplative and creative worship lasting about 45 min. We often make use of multimedia, symbol and celebrate Holy Communion together.

Moving into: Refreshments in the Chapter House at 7.45pm

Then at 8pm:      

Space to think - Cafe style gathering often with guest speaker, on a topic of shared interest with an opportunity to ask questions offer feedback and discuss and debate with others. Our main themes centre on issues of justice, faith and the arts.   


Space to reflect – Guided contemplative prayer is offered in the Peace and Justice Chapel. There is also an opportunity to receive healing prayer during this time in the Chapel of St John the Baptist.

At 9 PM we all gather in the Chapter House conclude our evening with words blessing and a further opportunity to spend time together.

Who is Holy Ground for?

Holy Ground is for anyone who is interested in engaging with Christian spirituality in a contemplative and creative way and who perhaps finds more traditional models of church a little inaccessible.

Holy Ground offers an opportunity to engage in Christian worship, matters of Christian concern and prayer to those who are interested in the Christian faith but would not necessarily call themselves Christian.

Holy Ground provides an environment where questions can be asked, worship expressed and prayers offered without any expectation of becoming 'a member', friendships can be made and faith journey explored.

Holy Ground is for anyone interested in creative approaches to worship and prayer.

If you have any enquiries do not hesitate to contact: Anna Norman – Walker  Canon Chancellor on  07557053567 or chancellor@exeter-cathedral.org.uk

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