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Flower arranger decorating the Cathedral

Flower arranger decorating the Cathedral

One of our Cathedral guides at work

One of our Cathedral guides at work

Volunteer Groups

For further information on any of the above groups please contact the Visitors Department by phone on 01392 285983 or by email:

Stewards and Guides

Volunteer Stewards and Guides welcome visitors and provide guided tours throughout the year. We currently have a team of over 90 volunteer Stewards and Guides who between them welcome over 180,000 visitors each year.

Holy Dusters

Volunteer Cathedral Dusters assist the Virgers with light dusting, cleaning and polishing in the Cathedral.

Flower Arrangers

Volunteers arrange flowers in the nave, quire and Lady Chapel of the Cathedral throughout the year, with additional pedestals at major festivals and, when requested, for weddings.

The Company of Tapisers

Volunteers assist the Dean & Chapter in the ornamentation of the Cathedral. They make kneelers and cushions. Their most notable achievement was the rondels, cushions extending down both walls of the nave depicting scenes from the history of England, Exeter, and the Cathedral.


Servers assist in the worship of the Cathedral by performing specific duties in the services. They take it in turns to serve at the Sunday services, weekday Eucharist's, and the various special services throughout the year.


Sidesman comprise both men and women have a ministry of liturgical welcome and are on duty for all Sunday, Weekday and the many special Services which take place throughout the year.  Additionally they have a key responsibility to act as stewards at the numerous concerts which take place in the Cathedral.