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Thank you for your interest in Exeter Cathedral's Big LEGO® Build which launched on 11th February 2016.

If you have a love for the Cathedral or are a big fan of LEGO and would like to join the team we would love to hear from you.

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Meet LEGO volunteer Tilda


Why did you get involved with the Lego project?

I have always loved Lego from a young age, and when the opportunity to build the Cathedral presented itself, I jumped at the chance. I was also excited to meet new people as it was my first year at university and I was willing to add something to the city and the local community.

How have you benefitted from volunteering at the Cathedral?

First of all, my co-workers are very friendly and dedicated, both with deep respect for the Cathedral and an adoration for Lego! I have found my time here valuable work experience, learning about stock take and til responsibility, with team work, rota experience and work ethic . I believe that all these things will be of real whatever career path I may choose.

What have you particularly enjoyed about working here?

I have thoroughly enjoyed putting something back into the community of my university city. It helps feel like I fit in and am part of something. I am grateful to have met and worked with so many lovely people and I am very keen to continue for the next few years, and besides not many jobs let you work with Lego bricks and show others how to do the same!

Meet LEGO volunteer Will


Why did you get involved with the LEGO project?
I first noticed the project when it was advertised on the University of Exeter Arts Society Facebook page. The idea of building a LEGO version of the Cathedral jumped out at me straight away and I have had previous experience of working with LEGO (I worked at Legoland whilst I was at sixth form).

How have you benefitted from volunteering at the Cathedral?

This project is giving is giving me both real world work and life experience. Working in a professional organisation is providing me with access to see exactly how jobs get done in the real world. As well as this, I am getting to meet new people and I am able to get more involved with the community and feel good about providing for the future of this wonderful religious building.

What have you particularly enjoyed about working here?

I really enjoy the fact when working with public, no two days are the same. I am constantly challenged and presented with new scenarios for me to explore my creativity. Plus, I get to play with LEGO all day so that’s great! And free entry to the Cathedral and discounts in the cafe and shop are welcome incentives too.

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