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Each year The Friends' annual income is made available to the Cathedral towards projects put forward by the Dean and Chapter. Often the Friends finance the whole project but we also jointly fund projects with English Heritage or other funding organisations.

Financial support given by the Friends since 1929

1st 25-years: £ 16,497   (2009 value £ 520,770)

2nd 25-years: £129,937  (2009 value £1,117,416)

3rd 25-years: £1,821,835 (2009 value £2,692,685)

In current  value over £4,500,000 has been given
for major projects such as:

External and Internal restoration and cleaning
Roof Repairs          
Heating, Lighting and Sound
North and South Towers
Chapter House
Bells and Clock 
Library and Archives
Organ and music          
Nave Podium and Staging
New Fire Detector and Alarm system

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