Children and Young People

Children and young people are encouraged to participate in all aspects of Cathedral life. Special outings and other social events also take place.


For babies and children up 4 years is available on Sunday mornings during the 9.45am Eucharist. Parents may leave their children in the care of those on duty, or are welcome to stay with their children if they wish. There is also a chapel available with toys, games etc to which parents may take their children. This is in the Chapel for Justice, Peace and Creation in the north quire aisle. For directions please see a sidesman. This chapel is also available during the week.

Cloister Club

Held for children aged from 4 to 12+ years. We work on a variety of activities connected with the Bible and general Christian themes.

Both of the above are held during term time in the Cloister Garth rooms which are adjacent to the Cathedral. All adult helpers have had the relevant police checks and we keep strictly to the Diocesan Child Protection Regulations. The children join the congregation in the Cathedral prior to communion, sitting together in the front. Parents are welcome to sit in these rows if they would like to so that their children may join them.


A group for young people aged approximately between 11 and 18 years. We meet at different times once or twice a month for fun, fellowship and spiritual reflection.