Community Committee

The aim of the Cathedral Community Committee is to enable the laity (not clergy or licensed ministers) of the Cathedral:

1. To work with the Chapter to fulfil the Cathedral's purpose as the seat of the Bishop of Exeter and a centre of worship and mission, as set forth in the preamble to the Constitution of the Cathedral.  In particular the Community Committee shall seek to encourage all people associated with the Cathedral to achieve their God-given potential and to be of service to all people of the diocese.

2. To advise the Chapter on all matters concerning the life of the Cathedral and its community and to act as a channel of communication between Chapter and community. The Chapter may delegate to the Committee such functions, powers and duties relating to the Cathedral Community as Chapter may determine.

It consists of eight lay people elected from the members of the Community Roll, five members elected to the Deanery Synod from the Community Roll and the Dean and two members of Chapter. It meets four times a year under the lay chairmanship of Mrs Heather Morgan.  There is a Standing Committee which  prepares an agenda for the Community Committee meetings.

Any member of the congregation wishing to have a matter raised should contact the chairman or secretary through the Cathedral Office, 1 The Cloisters, Exeter EX1 1HS, tel: 01392 255573, email:

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